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Castle Hill Development: Local Residents Update

17th February 2014

Construction work is now ongoing on the Site on several fronts, the vast majority of which is being undertaken by Erith Construction on behalf of both Land Securities and Ward Homes

The works underway comprise

  • Earthworks to create contours for the 1st Builders parcel and the Local Park
  • Construction of the Primary road Access to Serve the First two Development Parcels
  • Construction of the Internal Roads to serve the Ward homes Parcel
  • Construction of the Foundations and Drainage for the first 20 houses

 Erith have also been awarded the Contract to carry out the Stage 1 Improvement works to Southfleet Rd which comprise the widening of the road in places to ensure it is a standard width and construction of a footpath alongside all of Southfleet Rd the road to ensure the Site links with both Swanscombe and Ebbsfleet Station. This work is likely to commence in April.

Ward Homes Show Home will be opened in May 2014 with houses being released for sale before that. Interest can be registered on Ward Homes Website. Land Securities have released a second parcel of land for sale for a further 150 houses. In addition they have commenced discussions with an Affordable Housing Provider to provide the 1st Affordable Homes on the Site. More details will be forthcoming in the Summer.

Land Securities have commenced discussions with the bus companies to ensure there is a satisfactory bus service running between the Development, Swanscombe, Greenhithe and Bluewater once the first few properties are occupied.

Representatives of the Residents Association and the Town Council meet as a Liaison Group with Land Securities Management Team and Ward Homes on a regular basis to keep up with what is happening at Castle Hill and to ensure the voice of the Community is heard.

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