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Ebbsfleet Valley

Castle Hill by Ward Homes



Ebbsfleet Valley is one of the most exciting opportunities for urban regeneration the United Kingdom has had in decades.

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17 million square feet of floorspace carefully shared out between residential, business, retail, leisure and community uses will mean creating a place with a population close to that of, say, Chichester, built on 1,035 acres of land – equivalent to three Hyde Parks – over 20 years. 40% open space and parkland. Up to 10,000 homes. Up to 20,000 jobs. Fast mainline connections to Paris and London. Large enough in scale to define its own way of life.

The fact that everything is starting from new gives Ebbsfleet Valley a massive advantage over other developments because it can be conceived as a whole. With Ebbsfleet Valley, transport, schools, medical centres, housing, offices, leisure, shops and community activities are being dovetailed to work together in a way that simply isn’t possible on a smaller scale.

Land Securities welcomes the Government's announcement that it will be consulting on the creation of an Urban Development Corporation for Ebbsfleet Valley. The new arrangements should make it easier, quicker and cheaper to deliver a new garden city at Ebbsfleet and provide thousands of much needed new homes in the south-east. Parts of Ebbsfleet Valley today still resemble a quarry (its former use) and significant further investment is needed before homes can be built at scale – Government support, through a new UDC, will therefore be vital in delivering a garden city quickly.