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Ebbsfleet Valley

Castle Hill by Ward Homes


Future homes

Ebbsfleet Valley aims to be the first fully optical fibre-based community in the UK, with the deployment of ‘fibre to the home’ (FTTH) capable of information and communication connectivity previously only available to high-technology businesses. FTTH opens the door to the future of broadband, with ultra-fast connection speeds, IP / HD TV, and community intranet services.

Having a sense of place makes it easier to enjoy a feeling of belonging, value, self and community. Housing design must be individual and have character. Ebbsfleet Valley will have areas displaying clear architectural and thematic identities of their own, each with different scales, rhythms and densities. All will be united by a commitment to quality of thought, design and execution. Furthermore, the quality and range of the landscaped spaces, from formal squares to parks, lakes and even residential streets will define and distinguish the development. You’ll know where you are. Individuality will thrive within continuity.

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