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Ebbsfleet Valley

Castle Hill by Ward Homes




The current landscape has inspired photographer Jo Broughton to create two iconic "Ampersands" to mark the start of the regeneration of Ebbsfleet Valley and signify the importance of art and culture as an integral part of the regeneration.

Each sculpture stands four meters high and is made out of steel wrapped with photography in the shape of an ampersand - a visual representation of the Ebbsfleet Valley regeneration. The "Ampersands" are positioned north of the A2 close to Ebbsfleet International station. One "Ampersand" showcases industrial images of the local area, mixed with photographs of new community life. The other "Ampersand" details the environmental and ecological aspects of the locality, including wildflowers and other areas of natural beauty.

The sculptures are the first element of Land Securities' cultural programme for Ebbsfleet Valley, which will be augmented as the development progresses.

A graduate of Kent Institute of Art & Design and recognised as a rising star in the art world, Jo's work was selected by Land Securities as she strives to capture the essence of an environment through her imagination. Acknowledged as a very 'real' photographer, her eye is able to pick up on key elements which make a local area unique.


There are sites in Ebbsfleet Valley which are of considerable archaeological importance. Palaeolithic, Roman and Anglo-Saxon remains have been found. During the construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link a significant number of artifacts have also been found.

Previous industrial activity has moved, removed or damaged many potential artifacts. There are some locations, however, where possible remains may have survived. Where these may be affected by construction activity archaeological excavations will be undertaken to identify and record the findings.