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Castle Hill by Ward Homes



All new developments require building materials and energy. These have an effect upon the environment both whilst the buildings are being constructed and when they are occupied with people living and working in them. This provides an opportunity to reduce the impact we have on the environment on both counts.

This includes recycling where possible of whatever waste the building process creates; office buildings designed to minimise energy consumption; the recycling of water and the reduced need for cars. We are developing guidelines and standards for our contractors to source construction material in a sustainable manner. 

New and stringent building guidelines are being introduced by building regulations. We welcome and embrace these and in addition are setting our own targets for the environmental impact of our building. Land Securities' policy is to go beyond what is mandatory when it comes to corporate responsibility. We want to innovate and then make successful innovations the norm.

Ward Homes will deliver the first 150 homes at Castle Hill, a mix of three and four bedrooms.